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We are located in Miami Dade, Florida.

CEO: Raul H. Camacho

Arely Camacho, RN


Karel Camacho    

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In Loving Memory of Aida Perez, RN, and Manolo Alvarez who introduce us in the Consulting/Computer Field of Home Care Services.

Scanning Services, Digital/paperless office, eDocCloud

Full Agency Documentation needs, Policy and Procedures, Agency Forms, Employee Manual, Emergency Management Plan, Infection Control, etc.


This service reflects the author’s own opinions about Home Health Care services. Although the information and Policies are from sources deemed very reliable, they are not guaranteed. PN System © owner disclaims any personal liability for loss incurred as a result of the applications of any information offered in this application process, or in the use of our services. If expert, professional, medical, clinical assistance is required, the services of a component professional person should be sought. Your Director of Nursing, MUST review/approve the Policies/procedures/forms, also you and your Agency guarantee to comply with all Federal/Local/State laws to use our services.

We offer a monthly Maintenance Program, that cover all your Consulting needs, including RN staff as Clinical Advisor monthly visit, all Policies and Manuals included, a customized WEB SITE where you can complete all administrative duties (Minutes, Agency Evaluation, All staff competencies, Strategic Plan, PI Plan, etc), call for more info ............. $ 135.00 a month.

Full Accreditation Graphic step by step:       New Agency (Medicare) Accreditation

Private Duty  Private Duty    Nurse Registry: Nurse Registry  $ 2499.99

 State License $ 3499.99  Medicare/Medicaid $ 3499.99 (Accreditation)

                                          Accreditation Data

Medicare or Medicaid Application:  $ 145.00 each or both $ 165.00   

AHCA License Data: Application Data Form Renew License $ 125.00

Clia Laboratory Application Data: CLIA Application data $ 85.00

CHAP SELF STUDY DATA: Self Study data $ 375.00

Plan of Correction (POC) Response: $ 45.00 / defficiency

Administrator/DON: Initial Survey Ready Check List (State License)

Initial Survey Ready CHeck List

Administrator/DON: Renew Survey Ready Check List (State License)

Renew Survey Ready Check List






Home Health &Private Duty Policy and Procedures   View Index

Nurse Registry Policy Manual
Full Policy Book Nursing Manual, and Clinical Procedures, Medicare (Home Health) & Private Duty

Full Policy Manual for Nurse Registry

Update for

$ 475.00




$ 750.00

Clinical Procedures Full Home Health Clinical Procedures $ 275.00
Emergency Management Plan

Plan Data



Emergency/Disaster Plan, including Electronic submission


Disaster/Fire Drill form, Business Recovery Plan, Exercise Evaluation, Hazardous analyzes







$ 75.00

Pediatric Nursing Manual Pediatric Care Manual

Including: Service Guidelines, Special Child Care Tips, Assessment & Forms.

$ 124.99
Behavioral Service Manual Policy and Procedures $ 149.99
Face to Face Tool


All needed tools for FACE to FACE regulation

Flayrs to Patients, MDs, Referral sources

Patients/Physician forms (NCR needed we can print for you)

$ 45.00
SN Psychiatric Manual

All needed Policy for Psychiatric Nurses

Forms, Alzheimer's tips, Depression, etc.


$ 149.99


Patient Educational Material Full Training, Educational Materials, Brochures, Information ready for your Patients

Full Color

$ 149.99
Compliance Manual



Agency's Compliance Plan


Preventing Fraud and Abuse. Identity Theft / Red Flag.

(Include Poster) 

$ 124.99

$ 124.99

Medication Management Program

Full Medication Management Program, Coordination, Forms $ 149.99
National Patient Safety Goals Manual 2017 Full National Patient Safety Goal Manual & Action Plan for compliance (2017)

Home Care version

Include Poster

$ 149.99
Pandemic Influenza Management Plan

an Emergency Plan Companion

Pandemic Management Plan, Forms, Actions, Roles/Responsibilities, Patient educational Material $ 124.99
QA/Utilization Review Manual Full QA control, Forms, Surveys, Utilization review, Performance Improvement Data Collection/Plan, etc. $149.99
Safety Management Plan Full Employee Safety Program, training manual $ 149.99
Rehabilitation Services Protocol Full Home Health Rehabilitation (Therapy) Program $ 124.99
Wound Care Protocol Manual/Plan, forms $ 149.99
Employee Forms

(RN application forms sample)

Full Application forms: amend others: Notice to Applicants, Infection Control, Transportation Responsibilities, Job Descriptions, Contracts, Confidentiality, etc $ 124.99
Medical Device Manual Full Medical Device plan, Incident, Forms

Staff training included

$ 149.99
Ethics Manual Ethics Guidelines for the Agency and Employees $ 75.00
IV Therapy Manual/Plan $ 174.99
Agency Forms Sign Up, Clinical Forms, Therapy Forms, Social Services, Wound Care, Diabetic Forms, etc. $ 350.00
HIPAA Manual Full HIPAA Manual, Privacy Rules, training, contract. $149.99
Infection Control/OSHA Manual/Plan, OSHA, Forms, logs.

Include Poster

$ 149.99
Respiratory Care Manual Manual/Plan $ 174.99
Bloodborne Pathogens Manual/Plan, training $ 124.99
Sutures Protocol Patients Care $ 124.99
Pain Management Manual Manual/Plan $ 124.99
Laboratory Practices Manual/Plan $ 149.99
Civil Rights Compliance Full requirements, in compliance with the OCR administration $ 149.99
Biomedical Waste Protocol/Plan, training $ 124.99
Orientation Manual



Individual Staff Training

In-Services Manual

with Schedule, plus Full Specialty Staff training materials


Individual trainings:

Exposure Control Plan Agreement/Conveying Charges

Blood Pressure Protocol

Home Care Professional Boundaries

Safety Office/field Staff

Drug Free Program

Compliance/Fraud Prevention

ALF Services guide

Emergency In-Service

Disaster Drill

Business Continuation Plan

Multiple Cultural Background Competency

Dyspnea Protocol

Infection and TB precautions

Fall Prevention

Ethic Trainig

Pain Management training

Medical Device training

Ebola Training

Oxygen Precautions

Wound Care

Zika Training

Laboratory (waiver)

$ 174.99 full manual + all trainings



Each training Material:

$ 15.00


Risk Management Plan Accreditation requirement $ 35.00
Business Plan


Initial Application/Accreditation




Business Plan

$ 35.00


FALL PREVENTION MANUAL Risk Assessment, Prevention, Patient's Education $ 124.99
LOGS: Full needed logs to be organized PI program, Hospitalization, Infection, Emergency Management, etc

See Samples

$ 45.00
Strategic Plan Full Plan and Goals, Accreditation requirement (2012) $ 45.00




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CNA............................ 800-247-1500


Accountants, Cost Reports, Budget:

Albert A. Mayungbe, CPA


Rogelio Cruz  ........  786.372.1155

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Emergency Management

CEMP/Comprehensive Emergency Plan
Lizette Krings

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Fax(786) 845-0109

Florida Dpt of Health, Miami Dade County

8175 NW 12 St. # 305

Doral, Fl 33126

Fee: New Agency......... $ 51.27       Annual Revision........... $ 25.64


Special Needs Coordinator

Roberto Cepeda

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